Recycle Event 9am to Noon

Richmond Township is hosting a Recycle Event Being run by McHenry County Defenders For Richmond and Burton Townships on Saturday October 26, 2019 - 9:00 am to 12:00 pm Below you will find a list of acceptable items and cost:

  • Batteries ( we charge $1.00 per pound) car/motorcycle/sum pump batteries (no charge)
  • Fluorescent bulbs ( .50 for CFL's and 4 footers, $1.00 for 8 footers)
  • Clothing/textiles (no charge) styrofoam (no charge) packing peanuts/ bubble wrap (no charge)
  • CD's/DVD's/cassettes (no charge)
  • Electronics (anything that plugs in or runs on batteries)
  • Televisions/ computer monitors ($1.00 per pound up to a max of $85)
  • Desktops, Printers laptops, phones/tablets/i pads/ radios stereos small kitchen/bath appliances power tools electronic games humidifiers/ vacuums microwaves small college style fridges ($15.00 per ) window air conditioner ($15.00 per)